August 23, 2009

Hey, there's a naked woman on my film

So here I am at 11pm, trying to get caught up on some miscellaneous film that has been sitting around for a while. For example, that roll of HP5+ that I just did was exposed on December 26 of 2008.
Anyway, I just processed two rolls of Neopan 400 that I honestly do not remember shooting but they are in the box with the rest of the film, including two rolls of APX100 that I will be doing next. At least I think the APX100 is mine because I've shot a lot of it and still have 200 rolls in my fridge.
Well, I finish washing the film, pull it off the reel and hold it up to the light. WTF!! There's a naked woman on this roll!! Who the hell is this and how did she get on my film. Hell, is this my film?
I've only had one friend use my darkroom in recent times and he only made some prints. I guess I will be making some contact sheets tomorrow to see who this was. In negative form, I do not recognize her.
So, if you seem to be missing a couple of rolls of Neopan 400, and you've been in my darkroom lately, let me know. My wife has a few questions for you.

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