August 27, 2009

Pictures of a naked JellyBean

I'm having a bit of a struggle. I recently made a photograph of little Elizabeth while she was eating ice cream and while she was sitting on the grass, naked.
Now, you can't really see anything but I am feeling a bit funny about it. Once the photograph makes it onto the internet, I guess it will always be floating about somewhere. Will it matter in 10 years? 20 years? It's an innocent baby picture.
Now I do honestly like the work of Sally Mann and Jock Sturges but this is different because this is my child. Like their work, this is a black and white photograph. I happen to think it is quite good. I also think, Elizabeth will really like this when she is an adult.
I've asked my wife about this and she has no problem with the photograph being shown on my blog. She knows the amount of traffic I get and she knows where most of my readers are from (yes I have tracking software).
So dear readers, what should I do? Would you post a photograph of your naked child, your naked daughter, on the internet? Any thoughts are appreciated.


  1. Is it Art to you or a beautiful photo of your child?
    If it meets all the criteria of a fine art photograph created by you, a photographer ...why not?

    You have your wife consent so, we Americans have to get over the taboo of nudity. Just mark the photo and put in your site only so, people can see it and not run with it. You will be raising your child to be proud of its body and proud of your work.

  2. David, it strikes me as more a question of formalism than of nudity
    per se. In your mind do you maintain a separation---for blog purposes---between your strictly personal work (family shots, like JellyBean's 1st birthday portrait), and your other more formal work intended for a fine-art audience? And where do you see this latest nude work falling along that continuum?

    I agree that a blog is somewhat less restrictive than
    a portfolio website. I don't post strictly personal stuff on my site, but I do on my blog. As you know, my kids do appear in my portfolio work, where they are either abstractions in a way, or imbued with formalism not found in a strictly documantary shot. Fine-art images of your daughter, nude or clothed, seem to deserve the most respectful, formal treatment you can give them. Is your blog maybe too informal for that?

  3. I have a strange split about the issue myself. Personally, I find nothing wrong with the entire concept. Would I do this with my child? Probably not. JB's only one so it's still an appropriate age for such things. If any of my friends wanted to do this with their kid, I wouldn't have any problem. Yet I figure if you have any doubts, if it's something that makes you hesitate for a few seconds for whatever reason, don't force it. If it makes you uncomfortable, just skip it.

    The other issue is misappropriation. The internet these days is just one right click away and somebody now has your daughter's image on their harddrive. Maybe those odds are slim, but does the concept sit well?

  4. I wouldn't do it but that is just me. From stomach up its probably all right. If there is a question that itself is the answer. I always listen to my conscience and for me I don't think its appropriate, but each person has to do what's right for themselves

  5. If you are in the US, you should not be doing it. Both for your own mental stability (since you are asking this question!) and legal reasons.


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