July 15, 2010

Day four in France

Yesterday was a bit of a chaotic mess.
To start with we had a late start. Didn't leave the house till after 11am and then headed for the beach and some shopping in the town of Toulon.

Elizabeth was a bit crazy but the beach was nice.  Oh, and like all French beaches, a lot of the women are topless.  Most of the time, this is not a bad thing.  Plus,
I swam in the Mediterranean Sea.  Very cool.

Anyway, after a rather crappy lunch, we went to a shopping mall because our host Holly needed to return some items.  After a rather surprisingly quick stay, we went to the giant food store to get some items for dinner.

By the time we got home, Elizabeth was very cranky, tired, and now running a fever. Both Amelia and I got a bit freaked out but were assured by good friends that she is fine, but was a little dehydrated and was hungry.  By dinner, she had snapped out of it, was playing with the kids and then took a nice cool bath with Amelia.  She's a little "backed-up" if you know what I mean and we will work on that today.

I have not downloaded my pictures for the day but will do it later. 

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