July 12, 2010

First day in France

Let's start with, um, air travel in the USA sucks.

We got to JFK three hours before our flight and it took nearly 90 minutes to check our bags and get through security.  Then the Delta flight was great.  They let us pre-board with JellyBean, something American Airlines no longer does for parents.  Plus Delta only charged us for two of the five bags with had to check.  Thanks Delta.  We lucked out and got a row of three seats so JellyBean had her own seat and then got to lay out when it was time to go to sleep.

Getting through immigration at the Nice airport was a breeze as was Customs.  It's a beautiful and modern space.

So now we are here in Collobrieres.  A very small town surrounded by 12th century ruins and chestnut groves.

Upon arriving, we dumped off our bags and went to the local bakery to pick up some amazing baguettes and then to the local butcher to pick up some very fresh ham and cheese.  I am in heaven.  Plus I discovered that the house we are staying in has a coffee shop attached to it, on each side.  Yippee!  But I did not get any today.   First thing tomorrow I will be sitting outside on the "place de liberation", the square that is just outside the front door.

And finally before I go off into sweet slumber, here's a photo of my ladies out for a walk

And the backside of the house we are in.

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  1. Ok, I have to say... I am officially envious! I look forward to the photos and further updates - you all have fun!


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